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Performance Truck Racing Accessories

At last, the day you've been waiting for is here—race day. The track is ready and your rig is rearing to unleash its fury once it launches from the starting line. The crowd anxiously waits for an explosive showdown. But, have you added the performance truck accessories you need to deliver an off road racing victory?

Suspension Racing Components

Nothing intimidates the competition more than confidence. So make 'em cower in fear when your lifted rig rolls up to the starting line. Performance lift kits deliver beefy, shock-value style, but they also guarantee improved handling and incredible ground clearance—all the key ingredients of a track win!

Truck Intakes

Dropping a cold air intake into your rig drastically increases your chances of taking home that checkered flag. Cold air intakes force-feed blasts of fresh oxygen to your rig's engine to release more horsepower and torque—it's basically an energy drink for your rig, without the sugary crash.

Performance Truck Engine Components

Performance chips for trucks unleash hidden horses under your hood, sure to thrust you in front of other racers. And, as you're whipping past them in your souped-up rig, distract them with head-turning style. Let the shine of your exhaust tips be the last thing they see as you dust 'em!