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Celebrity Interviews

MTTV is a proud supporter of the NBC Television Network. Occasionally we get a chance to talk with various celebrities about their shows, current projects and careers. Sometimes you will be surprised at just how many celebs around the country also enjoy off-road truck action. Click the different audio players below and listen as we chat with some of the biggest names in the industry!


TIM DeKAY ("Peter Burke" on USA's "WHITE COLLAR") Tim DeKay stars as Peter Burke in the new USA Network original series WHITE COLLAR. DeKay has vast experience on stage, television and in feature films. He starred on HBO as a series regular in both the award winning series  "Carnivále" and "Tell Me You Love Me" for multiple seasons. Listen as we chat with Tim about the show, his past projects and more.

Bradley James ("Author" on SyFy's "Merlin") Bradley James is the perfect fit
in this magical and imaginative version of
this timeless legend. Listen as we chat with Bradley about the exciting new twists and turns around every corner in the new season of "Merlin" on the SyFy Network. The series premiers on April 2nd at 10pm eastern time. This show is an MTTV favorite!

JAIME LEE KIRCHNER (Sonia Jimenez, NBC's "Mercy") Jaime Lee Kirchner plays nurse Sonia Jimenez on > "> Mercy.> ">  She was born in Germany and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee.  A veteran of both Broadway and Television, including "Rent", "Dollhouse" and more, Jaime's acting ability really shines in the new show "Mercy". Listen as we chat with Jaime about her career, the new show "Mercy" and more.

Paul Logan (Syfy's "Mega Pirahna") In his new film MEGA PIRANHA, Logan plays NAVY SEAL Jason Fitch who is sent to investigate a
yacht disappearance and discovers that it was attacked by genetically enhanced piranhas In addition to "Days of Our Lives," Logan's television credits include appearances on hit shows such as FRIENDS, ANGEL, & SMITH and starred in many films. Listen as we chat with Paul about this new original Syfy movie that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Albie Bozzo (CNBC.COM's "Marijuana & Money") On Tuesday, April 20, the results of the CNBC/AP "Marijuana & Money" poll will be announced. The poll will get American's latest thoughts on marijuana legalization, cost of enforcement, medical benefits and, if legalized, how they think it would impact the economy, taxes, the way
they invest and their local community. Listen as we chat with Albie about the pros and cons of this ongoing national issue.

Check back soon as we always have new interviews from the NBC Television Network