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 It is YOUR responsibility to read and be aware of the following rules, BEFORE you win a prize or prizes! *You MUST be a resident of the United States as we do not ship outside the U.S.
(1.) MTTV does random giveaways on the weekly live video chat and this website from time to time. MTTV will determine how the giveaway is done as well as the final winner(s). MTTV will determine what prize(s) will be given away and at what times on the chat channel or this website.
(2.) Only one (1) winner per household per week. Winner(s) will be responsible for any and all Local, State and Federal taxes on prize(s) won.
(3.) In the event that the prize(s) are to be provided by third parties, MTTV is not responsible for any disputes, late arrivals, failure to provide or any other situation that arises that is the fault of the third party provider. We will however, try to help the winner(s) get any problems resolved.
(4.) MTTV is not responsible for any injury that may result from the use or misuse of any prize(s).
(5.) Winner must claim his or her prize(s) within five (5) business days by E-Mail to MUDTRUCKTV@YAHOO.COM. Including name, shipping address and any other information that will aid in MTTV being able to properly deliver prize(s).
(6.) Prizes not claimed according to rule five (5) listed above will not be awarded and will be forfeited and will be given away at another time to be decided by MTTV or its affiliates. (7.) You must be 16 years of age or older to win (unless prohibited by law) and you must have your parent or guardians permission to participate.
(8.) All Giveaways and/or Prize(s) are non-transferable and can not be redeemed for cash or any monetary gain.
(9.) All chat giveaway rules are subject to review and/or change at anytime for any reason by MTTV or its affiliates without notice. (10.) Any and ALL CASH prizes will be awarded in the form of a Money Order payable to the original prize winner only and MUST be claimed in accordance with the rules as stated in Rule #5 on this page. Allow 5 - 10 business days for delivery. Money Orders will be sent via Certified Delivery U.S.P.S. ONLY and MUST be signed for. Mud Truck TV will consider a signature conformation of delivery by the U.S.P.S. to the address given as stated in rule #5 on this page as PROOF Of Delivery. Mud Truck TV will NOT be held responsible for lost or stolen or otherwise undeliverable mail. All Local/State/Federal Laws Apply.
We do our best to make sure all giveaways are FUN and FAIR. If you feel that you were treated wrong or unfairly in some way, let us know and we will do everything within our power to correct the situation and make you happy (Within Reason!)

The Weekly Live Video Chat and MTTV giveaways are designed to be FUN and for everyone to be a winner at some point. If you win quite often, we ask that you refrain for a little while and let some others have a chance at the prizes.

We appreciate your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information on this page, please contact us by click the contact tab in the main menu.
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