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Mud Racing News

SCS Gearbox Open Class Shootout in Macoupin County IL.

The cameras were rolling once again in Macoupin County IL. MTTV had an incredible time at this awesome event. The action was out of this world as Dan Richter went faster than the current national record when "The Richter Scale" put down a 2.071 in 200ft !! MTTV congratulates all those who were able to attend and as always, thanks for supporting the sport and the facility. These drivers and their machines continue to wow the crowds as they go faster and faster! We are certainly looking forward to the next event in Macoupin County! To watch the show online click HERE

Pro-BADD SCS Gearbox All-Star Nationals at Manny LA.

We had an incredible time at Mud Truck Madness in Manny, LA. as Pro-Badd put on yet another fantastic race. This event was very cool as it was an entire weekend of racing of all types. Everyone at the facility was great to work with and very professional. MTTV's Brian Austin had a chance to do some announcing while Lisa tried her hand at camera work and did an amazing job as you will see when you watch the show. It is always great to work with this type of venue and get to see such professional racing and to see the crowd having a super fun time all weekend long. We look forward to returning to Mud Truck Madness next year! To visit them online click HERE

Mud Truck TV, Pro-Badd and the Mud Life All-Star Finals

It was another epic event and race as MTTV traveled to the World Famous Muddi-Gras in Kenansville, FL. for the Mud Life All-Star Finals! This was the final race of the year for Pro-Badd and wow was it amazing, we witnessed records being set and thousands of fans having the time of their life at this one of a kind facility! There really is nothing like the raw power and explosive entertainment that Pro-Badd brings to the track when they unleash these cars at the starting line. Mike Kelly and team always put on a spectacular show and event and this was no exception!

Mud Truck TV On Location At Historic Charleston, WV.

MTTV had a blast in Charleston, WV as we traveled to yet another fantastic race put together by Mike Wolford and team, along with one of the best car shows in the United States! We had a chance to talk with West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin III and check out his awesome corvette!..This was truly a one of a kind event with the MRA putting on an outstanding show with loads of action and some of the best driving that we have seen all season long. One this is for sure, we can't wait to see what happens net year !

The 5th Annual Kansas Badlands Blowout, A HUGE Success

MTTV had another fantastic weekend at the 5th annual Kansas Badlands Blowout..The crowd really got a tremendous show as drivers came from many different states to be part of the action. As always, the staff at the KBL worked very hard to keep the action moving and provided one of the best shows that we've seen in all of the 2010 race season. One of the best runs of the weekend was layed down by Jason Linden in the "Nitro-Glycerin truck in the open class..We always look forward to events held by the Badlands!  For complete results of the event, click HERE..

MTTV Makes A Stop At The Famous "BODATIOUS" In VA.

MTTV had the opportunity to attend one of the greatest facilities that has ever been created for the off-road racing world..The one and ONLY "BODATIOUS"..Home of the Old Dominion Four-Wheel Drive Club in Cartersville, VA. This historic off-road playground features acres and acres of fun with a wide variety of types of racing that you rarely find anywhere else. One of our favorites was the "MOTO-X" competition and of course the Dirt Drags and Mud Bogs, If you ever have the chance to visit bodatious, be sure and do..It is visit bodatious online, click HERE..

MTTV and PRO-BADD invades the Kansas Badlands

MTTV had an incredible day at the Kansas Badlands..I-35 just south of Wichita..We saw Andy Garrett, driver of "Bamboozled" managed to drive away with the win this past weekend and prove to everyone out there that you just can not predict who will win and who will loose. Of course, holding true to  KBL events, there was plenty of "in house" action with loads of local classes for everyone to get in on. MTTV congratulates all those who were able to attend for supporting the sport and the facility..We'd like to thank everyone at the KBL for another fantastic race!  For complete results of the event, click HERE..