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Product Reviews

We always make it a point to let our viewers know when we find a truly amazing product that we feel lives up to its name. That being said, we recently spoke with the good folks at Sportz By Napier and made arrangements to try out the new Sportz SUV Tent Model 83000.

  We decided to test this product on not only strength and durability but also ease of set up and maintenance. We began with what we thought of as a perfect day of fun in the sun with our new Sportz By Napier Tent..We arrived at our designated camp grounds under blue skies and a great scenic view of an overlook full of historic ozark bliss and tranquility. We began set-up of the tent as any other enthusiasts would...As we were about to finish set up of the tent, there came a huge, rain and wind was upon us in an instant. We completed the set up of our Sportz By Napier tent just minutes before a torrential downfall of rain and wind developed.

We ducked inside the tent for cover..this was when we began to realize..not only was this tent full of convenience and durability, but it was also worth it's weight in gold as far as sturdiness and pure workmanship was concerned. This was a storm like we had not seen in a very long time. The Sportz By Napier tent held firm and was not effected by the wind, rain and the determination of mother nature to impede on our night out in the wilderness of southern Arkansas. During this time, we had decided to not risk getting wet from the huge amount of rainfall already saturating the ground, so we headed up into the back of our SUV, through the connecting sleeve of our Sportz By Napier Tent.

I must say that neither myself or any other member of our camping party were exposed to the elements, thanks to the marvelous workmanship and quality of the Sportz By Napier product. The following morning, the sunshine returned and we inspected our tent for any damage, leaks etc. we were very impressed when we found absolutely nothing. We looked at each other and said "Wow, this is one amazing tent!"

When our trip was done, we began to take the tent down and store it away in it's bag, after a long weekend of camping we were naturally a little tired and really wasn't looking forward to packing all our gear up..but, the ease of set up and tear down of our Sportz By Napier tent was a breeze! You can literally set this product up or take it down in minutes! (Very Cool!)

Who would have ever thought..adding an extra room in a tent by using the back of the SUV..Thanks to Sportz By Napier for this awesome and innovating idea. They have truly transformed the camping industry with these ingenious products! 
We would truly recommend this product to anyone out there that really does count on their equipment and products to perform as the manufacturer claims.

The Sportz By Napier line of outdoor products does just that...Performance that is second to none along with reliability and precision design that is truly amazing!

Mud Truck Television encourages everyone that is a true out-door fan to try this product. Rugged material, quality workmanship, backed by a name that you can trust !!

Sportz By Napier