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Brian & Lisa Austin

Brian Austin:                                                               Lisa Austin:

A native of Oklahoma, Brian Austin got his start             A native of Florida, Lisa Austin was in the media
in the entertainment business at  the very young           at the tender age of 16, as she began to pursue a
age of 14, when he was reading local news and            modeling contract. After a lot of determination and
heard about a radio station that was coming to              hours of training, Lisa landed two contracts with
his hometown. Brian talked with his parents and          JC Penny's and Sears as a mannequin model.
after a little convincing, he applied for a position            Lisa has been featured in magazine articles  and 
and was hired as a weekend announcer. That                at one time had her own calender in publication
was all it took, Brian was hooked. He spent the              for two years. As time went on and the industry
next 25 years developing his talent. He has the              began to change, Lisa decided to take a break
opportunity to meet and work with some of the              and a little time off. She decided to return to her
greats in the entertainment field, including a                   home town to spend time with her family and get
number of Country Music Stars like Moe & Joe,             back to her roots. During this time, she decided to
Mickey Gilley, Roy Clark, Trace Adkins, Kenny                 try her hand at sales & marketing for a few local
Chesney, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and more.               radio stations. This was where she met Brian.

Brian's professional vocal ability, unique and                  Lisa's southern charm and personality along with

creative production style gives Mud Truck TV                 her ability to light up the camera gives Mud Truck
an original look and feel both on television and               TV a host that viewers instantly relate to as an
the internet.                                                                               attractive and morally grounded lady.

Brian and Lisa have always made it a point to stay grounded in what they do. The way that you see them on television is the way they are in real life. When asked about the TV business and public image of the show, both of them will always tell you the same thing:

 "We are the same in person as we are on TV, what you see is what you get."